Sex and Dating after Testing HIV Positive

Since AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease — and one of the most dangerous ones that is out there — it is understandable why dating a person who is HIV positive has such a stigma attached to it. No one would really think much about dating an HIV positive person if they are negative themselves, but then relationships can take strange turns. Maybe the person you are madly in love with has been diagnosed HIV positive at present. So what do you about it?

Sex and Dating after Testing HIV Positive

Sex and Dating after Testing HIV Positive


Be Concerned but Don’t Add to the Concern


You are right to be concerned about the condition of your partner. It will cause you immense worry and distress and you will need to have courage. But, the bigger question here is whether you are affected. Can you really date or have sex with an HIV positive person?


All these questions can be answered, but you have to be careful about one thing — do not let jealousy get into the equation. This might happen if you know that your longtime partner has cheated on you. It could cause you a lot of worry, but do not voice it out too much. Remember that the person you love is now suffering and you must not add to the suffering.


Get the Right Knowledge


This question will be best answered by equipping yourself with the right knowledge. Find out as much as you can about the disease and about the various modes of transmission. HIV is only transmitted by the transfer of bodily fluids such as blood, semen, rectal fluids, vaginal fluids, and breast milk. Kissing, fondling, etc. are safe activities. Even with anal or vaginal intercourse, you are safe if you use a condom.


When you understand these things, you will realize that living with an HIV positive partner, even as their sex partner, is not really a death sentence.


Dating an HIV Positive Singles


There are many HIV dating websites out there that actually hook HIV positive persons with other positive persons or even negative persons. This has become quite a trend, and it is not wrong if you wish to consider it too. If you are negative and are dating a positive person, you could still be completely safe if you touch or kiss them. Even if you have sexual intercourse, you are safe if you use a condom of a trusted brand.


Join a HIV Support Group


Many HIV couples are joining HIV positive support groups together, even when one of them is HIV positive and the other is negative. In fact, these clubs encourage HIV positive persons in bringing their partners along with them. Doing this together adds to the bond of love between the partners and they feel that they are doing something together. It might even help the HIV positive person to take the right treatment such that the HIV positive condition never culminates into AIDS.


Keep these things in mind and you will be safe if you are dating an HIV positive person. In fact, when you are armed with the right knowledge, maybe you will take all the right precautions too. That is why it is said that dating an HIV positive person might be actually safer than dating one who is not.