HIV and is a dedicated dating site for people living with HIV. It was first launched in the year 2003. During this time, it was among the first HIV dating sites on the web. This is an international dating site with membership from across the globe.

This site creates a platform where Singles, who tested positive, can find love and create friendship without fear of disclosure, judgment and stigma due to their status. Steve, not real name and non-victim built this website after borrowing the idea from his mother who lived with HIV.

Steve’s mother tested HIV positive in the year 2000 and experienced a lot of trauma when trying to find love and make friendship. She used to feel lonely, judged and afraid. In her status, it was not easy to disclose her status to people who secured a date with her.

One day while discussing internet business idea with Steve, a wind of HIV Poz blew in Steve’s mind. Amazingly this was something that the HIV community was desperate about. Shortly, after launching the site traffic built up.

The site has learned a lot from users and implemented these input to make the site even better and easy to secure a date. The site today, boast of tens and thousands of has two types of membership; the basic and the gold/premium membership. The basic option is free and easy to sign up. Basic option features the following;

Features for basic members

  • Free membershi
  • Access to free flirt messages
  • Ability to track who visited your profile.
  • All members are real
  • Spam and scam free
  • Privacy protection

Advanced features for premium members

Gold members are expected to pay subscriptions fee to enjoy the extended services. Key features of enjoyed by premium users include;

  • Instant messaging
  • Send and receive email
  • Upload videos
  • Skype messaging
  • SMS messaging .
  • All members are legitimate people living with HIV and not scammers
  • Instant messaging among users.
  • High chances of securing a date with a perfect match due to the sites rich database.
  • It is an all-inclusive community; a site for everyone regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion or gender.

Pros of joining

  • Effective privacy measures-confidential information about members don’t show up in any search engine results.
  • All members are real; no scammers on the site all users are legitimate people living with HIV.
  • All communications go through an anonymous email network.
  • 24/7 customer service around the clock. Any assistance is available at any time because the site wants success and also aims to give its members love, happiness, and compassion. All emails are replied within 24 hours.
  • This is the site to be if you are a single living with HIV, sign up today, create friendship and find love again on HIV and It is the ultimate solution for HIV positive dating.

Editor's Overview of Hiv and Single is steered by one mission; "to be the best HIV dating site online." This will be achieved by helping HIV positive singles find love and friendship without the fear of stigma, judgment, and disclosure. Statistics show that users are pretty satisfied with what the site offers. There is a lot of positive reviews from members who have found love and companion through the site.

On Google search results, the site ranks at the top of the list. Couples across the globe can share their love stories easily. When people are looking for HIV positive dating sites, they often type “HIV dating?amazingly this often show up 1st or 2nd in google searches.

While the site boast of an instant user interface and keyword optimization, this success story is attributed to its subscribers.

At HIV and, all HIV positive singles have an equal opportunity to express their feelings and interests via the existing writing sections. Members can add up to six photos on their profiles. Video uploads is also supported.

The site has an advanced search and match mail feature that offers over 30 varied search options and match mail preferences. Members only need to log in and instantly view photos and information about potential matches in their area.